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In this episode, we discuss teenage social anxiety with Kyle Mitchell, a Tedx Speaker, author, and the founder of Social Anxiety Kyle. With a passion for solving mental health problems and the impact they have on our communities, Kyle works with teens and youth to help them go from socially anxious to socially confident.

Kyle collaborates alongside teens, educators, parents, nonprofits, and other organizations to change the narrative and stigma surrounding social anxiety. Drawing from his own 10-year  mental health battle, he found his calling and purpose – and is eager to share it with the world…

Join us now to find out:

  • How anxiety manifests itself in school environments.
  • Why having supportive parents is so important for struggling teens.
  • Programs that can help young people address their mental health issues.
  • The biggest social struggles that students face in class.

What practical approaches and strategies can we utilize to make a difference in the lives of struggling teens? Tune in now to find out for yourself!

To learn more about Kyle and his mission, click here now!

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