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In this episode, we connect with food science and safety specialist Dr. Elsa Murano. Presently, Dr. Murano serves as the Director of the Norman E. Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture and Development at Texas A&M University’s Agriculture and Life Sciences program. 

For years, Dr. Murano has been lending her expertise to developing countries around the world – from Sub-Saharan Africa to Latin America…

Dr. Murano and her team are committed to following the legacy of Dr. Norman Borlaug, which is to elevate smallholder farmers out of poverty using science. Whether it be crop production or water management, the goal is to create opportunities for farmers across social classes.

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Join us now to learn about:

  • What causes farmers to fall into poverty, and the strategies that are used to help them.
  • Why economic connections to the marketplace can be challenging for family farmers to obtain.
  • How exporters take advantage of farmers in developing countries. 
  • How environmental factors affect agricultural production in poverty-stricken areas.

To find out more about Dr. Elsa Murano and her projects, click here now!

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