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How can the impact of wastewater on the environment be reduced? A future of fewer pollutants may be possible through new technologies that can purify or mitigate contamination. Listen up to learn:

  • The function of the black box
  • Possibilities for low-energy purification techniques
  • Why the level of stream contamination matters for determining treatment techniques

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Satinder K. Brar, a professor and Chair in Environmental Engineering at York University, and Rama Pulicharla, a post-doctoral visitor at York University, share their work with wastewater and environmental technology.

Pollution has been a problem for our waterways for much of recent history.

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However, if we do not find strategies to curb this contamination, the effects over the near future can be catastrophic.

By using a combination of physical and biological techniques, purifying bodies of water can be achieved.

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However, it is crucial to tailor the strategy for the unique situation, making finding a one-size-fits-all solution quite challenging.

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