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What makes mitochondrial diseases so dangerous?

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Since they power the body, a defect can be disastrous.

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Listen up to learn:

  • What may be inhibiting mitochondrial function in cells
  • The harmful molecule which may be finding its way into your blood
  • Why clinical data can be difficult to reach for certain blood markers

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Gino Cortopassi, a Professor in the Molecular Biosciences School of Veterinary Medicine, and his colleague Sandipan Datta share their work with mitochondrial diseases and develop possible therapeutic techniques.

Since the mitochondria play such a significant role in the body’s regulation, it can be a considerable problem if something goes wrong. For example, mitochondrial dysfunction may be a contributing factor in several adverse health reactions.

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By tracing patterns in various medical histories of folks in various fields, some patterns start to emerge. Since harmful molecules can be present in many household products, it is essential to watch cutting-edge research to ensure you avoid exposure.

To learn more, search for Gino Cortopassi on Google Scholar.

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