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Dave Stetzer, founder of Stetzer Electric, discusses his company, his early work and long career in the field of electricity.

Starting in 1974, Stetzer Electric made a name for itself as the go-to company for electrical services, from electric motor repair and rewind, to commercial as well as industrial electrical contracting, and power quality analysis. The company also distributes a registered product, STETZERiZER® Power Line EM Filters.

Stetzer discusses his 30+ year career in the field as an electrician and electricity specialist. Getting his initial training during his years in the United States Air Force, his interest in electricity grew and Stetzer was buzzing to begin putting his skills to work in the private sector. He discusses the many changes, the kinds of loads (linear versus non-linear), and the problems that can exist, detailing issues that pertain to the electrical grid. Alarmingly, Stetzer states that since 1998, 70% of all current in North America that travels out on high line wires returns to the substation via the earth, which causes a wide array of technical problems with equipment as well as human and animal health problems. Stetzer explains the codes that prohibit the earth from being used in this manner, but utility companies are still using the earth in spite of codes. Stetzer explains how much current we are getting in our everyday lives, and the implications for health problems and disease.

For over a decade, Stetzer has been troubleshooting power quality problems and dirty electricity (electrical pollution, stray voltage), that exists in the US and around the globe. Utilizing his expertise in the field, Stetzer developed the STETZERiZER® Filter, which is the first power line EM (electromagnetic) filter.

Stetzer discusses motor starts and dirty electricity, and the cumulative effect on animals, such as dairy cows. He explains his startling results, finding that cows that were getting shocked from stray power, etc. produced less milk, and his observations were consistent from farm to farm. Stetzer details how every computer and gadget we use can potentially be putting current into our environment and possibly creating a negative health impact.

Stetzer details how his STETZERiZER® Filter works. He talks about how the filter lowers the numbers and shorts out higher frequencies that are detrimental. And the filter actually causes meters to even read more accurately.

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