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Dr. Tro Kalayjian is a board-certified internal medicine physician and weight loss expert who has passionately devoted his life to bringing good health and wellness to everyone. Dr. Kalayjian delivers an interesting and useful overview of his methods to achieve weight loss and health improvement.

Dr. Kalayjian has a medical degree from Touro Medical College and he completed his internal medicine residency in the Yale New Haven Health System at Greenwich Hospital where he served as a chief medical resident. A prolific publisher, Dr. Kalayjian has released a wide variety of important case reports and findings in the areas of binge eating disorder, food addiction, and achalasia— a rare disorder that makes it very difficult for foods and liquids to pass into the stomach. His therapeutic focus includes obesity, hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and metabolic syndrome. Dr. Kalayjian recommends a combination of intensive lifestyle changes including diet, exercise, stress management, and mental health care to many of his patients seeking improved health.

Dr. Kalayjian discusses the emotional and metabolic issues that could make weight loss more challenging for some. He recounts stories of patients who have run into difficulty losing weight even after undergoing dramatic procedures such as gastric bypass surgery, etc. As Kalayjian explains, there are many reasons why weight loss can be difficult and he works with patients that have diverse issues that present challenges for them.

Kalayjian provides a basic overview of his four-month program, starting with comprehensive lab work, an initial ninety-minute session and weekly follow-ups for up to eight weeks. Additionally, lab work is redone to assess changes, and subsequent consultations follow. Kalayjian monitors weight, body fat, blood pressure, body/fat/water mass, heart rate, glucose and more, to get a complete picture of a patient’s body and how it is functioning. He states his average weight loss for the program is about 35 pounds, with extremes of as little as four pounds lost, and 120 pounds as the maximum lost. Kalayjian discusses how his process first begins with figuring out what is causing the obesity in a patient, and only after reaching his conclusion can he then get them started on an appropriate diet, such as low fat, or low carb, ketogenic, etc., that will yield the results they are seeking.

And while his patients are working toward their goal, Kalayjian also offers opportunities for them to socialize in various ways with others who are also seeking weight loss, to create a sense of community, one that provides support.

He details the process as patients move into months three and four that may involve some fasting, dietary restrictions, time-restricted feeding, and exercise. Additionally, he talks about the problems people have when they plateau and some options, such as intermittent fasting and hunger assessments that may help them get past it and begin losing weight again.

The diet and nutrition expert details the important role that metabolism plays in weight loss.

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And he explains how some of the TV show weight loss programs that push fast weight loss have permanently damaged participants’ metabolism by approaching weight loss the wrong way. As he states, weight loss is a process and he advises one pound per week for most patients, to ensure a safe, effective, long-term strategy that can provide lasting results.

Kalayjian explains that the vast array of ‘eat more, move less,’ ‘count calorie,’ and other conventional programs and ideas really do not work for most people. Kalayjian’s goal is to provide a better way for his patients to find success in their weight loss plan, to lose the weight and keep it off for life. He recounts how his wife offered encouragement that nudged him to embark on his own personal weight loss journey, an experience that has helped him to better understand how to help others. He takes his patients’ journeys very personally and feels that if they fail, he has failed, so he makes it a point of never letting them fail, even if they have specific metabolic difficulties that may make their path to success a bit of a longer one. Kalayjian explains that diet and nutrition have been proven to not only impact weight loss, but also many other diseases and pre-disease conditions, and he is incredibly passionate about helping patients improve their health and be well.

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