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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Skin, many of us don’t give it much thought, but just like the heart and lungs, skin is an important organ too. In fact, our skin has seven layers of ectodermal tissue and it protects our underlying bones, and muscles, as well as all those important internalorgans. It’s kind of a big deal, so maybe that’s why the global skincare market is $100 billion dollars and rising. Come along for an interesting discussion on skin and technology, and what the future may bring, and what it already has!

Dr. Saffie-Siebert, CEO & Founder of Good Science Beauty, a division of the biotech company, SiSaf, will breakdown how to get results with beauty products. And we’ll learn why the method utilized for delivering active ingredients is even more important than the ingredients themselves. This is why technology plays a critical role in the success of active ingredient beauty products. Unlike regular application techniques, Good Science Beauty products can actually decrease toxicity as active ingredients are control-released and specific areas can be targeted. Dr. Saffie-Siebert’s tech company delivers a handful of specialized, technology-backed, patented cosmetic products. She’ll discuss silicon-based drug delivery built on elemental silicon, lipid, and amino acids that she and her team refer to as ‘good silicon plus.’

The technology-based application process is able to provide more successful results with similar base ingredients such assalicylic acid, etc. by delivering the active ingredients without drying out the skin, without compromising the skin. Thus, products can target blemishes without the negative residual effects produced by traditional cosmetic products. Dr. Saffie-Siebertwill also introduce a topic that might comes as a surprise to many—that sometimes ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ products are not as safe as synthetics.

We’ll gain insight into future developments in the application of hyaluronic acid for hydration, sunscreens for protection, as well compounds for skin brightening and rejuvenation. And the CEO scientist will discuss developing technology that may solve past problems of stability, solubility, and molecular size and thus open the door to impressive new products in the skincare industry.

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