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Allison Berke is an academic advisor at The Good Food Institute, a non-profit organization working on the transition from factory-farmed animal products to plant-based and clean meat alternatives.

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By taking a small number of cells from an animal and applying biomedical methods in the lab, the science and tech team at The Good Food Institute is growing full meat products that are molecularly identical to animal meat, but in a way that is better for the environment and doesn’t require the slaughter of animals.

“Clean meat and plant-based meat are going to be better for the environment…better in terms of animal welfare, and also better in terms of global poverty and human health in that we can grow more calories on the same amount of land more efficiently and with fewer environmental inputs,” says Berke.

Tune in to hear the details, such as how to obtain the taste and texture of different types of meat, the challenges and constraints in terms of cost-effectiveness, and the growing interest in the plant-based and clean meat field–even by major factory-farm-based corporations such as Tyson.

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