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Medtech Impact on Wellness

This fascinating episode on health and wellness features Michael Snyder, a Professor in Stanford University School of Medicine’s Department of Genetics. Michael is widely considered a leader in the field of functional genomics and proteomics – and is a major participant of the ENCODE project.

Trained as a microbiologist, Michael is dedicated to gaining a global perspective on health care. Because many aspects of our medical system are broken, he is focused on refining the fields of genomics and proteomics with cutting-edge research. How is technology changing the way we monitor our bodies? Michael sits down to explain…

Join the conversation now to find out:

  • Measurements used to indicate when and if someone is getting sick.
  • How your resting heart rate is connected to your immune system.
  • The benefits of using a smartwatch as a health monitor.
  • How monitoring presymptomatic individuals can be used to identify upcoming diseases.

You can learn more about Michael and his work by visiting his laboratory website!

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