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How do successful companies scale and create fantastic retail experiences for their customers? Kelley Thornton, the CEO of Tiege Hanley, Inc., joins us today to discuss this, and much more…

Kelley describes himself as a “serial entrepreneur”, and since founding Tiege Hanley in 2015, he has focused his expertise on a distinct marketing strategy: uncomplicated skin care for men.

Skincare is an important part of a healthy routine, and Tiege Hanley is on a mission to make men aware of the benefits of daily upkeep. From disease prevention to simply looking and feeling good, the advantages of healthy skin are endless – and Kelley is determined to give men the resources they need to look and feel better than ever.

Magnesium is integral for 600+ biochemical processes in the human body. The common misconception is that consuming more magnesium will automatically improve health and well-being. The truth is that there are various forms of magnesium, each of which is essential for a variety of physiological processes. Most people are inadequate in all forms of magnesium, while even those considered “healthy” typically only ingest 1 or 2 kinds. Consuming all 7 of magnesium’s primary forms is the key to accessing all its health benefits.That’s why we packed 7 forms of 450mg of elemental magnesium into each serving of  Wild Mag Complex. One dose a day is all you need. Learn more and grab a bottle today at Use code GENIUS for 10% off your order.

Tune in now to uncover:

  • The percentage of men who are aware of the value of skincare. 
  • How to effectively take care of your skin.
  • The difference between morning and nighttime moisturizers.
  • How different ingredients help skin replenish itself.

Want to learn more about Kelley and his work with Tiege Hanley? Click here now!

Tiege Hanley is offering podcast listeners 30% off their next skincare order. To redeem yours, visit today!

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