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Dr. Bill McGraw is a research scientist currently living in Panama and is a prolific writer on a variety of topics such as aquaculture, the environment, heavy metals in the body, and related health issues. He is currently studying for a degree in naturopathic healing and helps people afflicted with chronic disease find the path to health using heavy metal detox techniques and Rife technology.

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  • Why the body is exposed to aluminum every day.
  • How the sources of aluminum can lead to aluminum toxicity and affect health.
  • How silica water may facilitate the elimination of aluminum from the body.

Dr. McGraw explains the dangers of aluminum to the body and the many ways it affects our health and environment. Aluminum occurs naturally in soil, water, and air. It can enter the body as we breath, through the digestive tract, and through our skin.

We are constantly being exposed to aluminum in products such as aluminum cooking utensils, beverage cans, sunscreen, antacids, and vaccines. Eleven sources of aluminum exposure are found in products we use every day.

While it may not be possible to avoid naturally occurring aluminum in the environment, there are steps we can take to avoid exposure to this toxic metal. Dr. McGraw shares the 11 common sources of aluminum exposure and encourages eating a healthy diet using organic foods. He also recommends drinking silicon-rich mineral waters to reduce the burden of aluminum in the body.

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