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Mark A. Cruz, D.D.S, a pioneer in the dental industry, shares information on modern dentistry, snoring causes and effect, snoring treatment, rhinitis, and stuffy noses.

Dr. Cruz is a seasoned, trusted family dentist who approaches all dental issues with a macro lens, considering his patients’ overall health, instead of simply treating problems as they occur. Dr. Cruz graduated from the UCLA School of Dentistry. A few of his outstanding accomplishments include serving on the National Institute of Health/National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research Grant Review Committee in Washington D.C. and being an integral part of the editorial board for the Journal of Evidence-Based Dental Practice. Dr. Cruz is motivated by learning and is continually expanding his knowledge to better serve his patients.

Dr. Cruz discusses teaching and orthodontics, and the importance of nasal breathing. He provides detail on why we as humans can and do breathe nasally and orally as well. He explains oral breathing, the exchanging of gas, and the processes our bodies go through. He provides an overview of nasal breathing and discusses the inflammatory response that the body exhibits when nasal breathing is cut off or compromised. Expanding on this discussion he discusses the importance of teaching kids the proper ways to breathe and blow their noses, etc. While mucus has a purpose, we do not want it to obstruct nasal breathing to the point that we are always breathing through the mouth. He discusses practical methods to increase nasal breathing, such as the neti pot, etc. for rinsing debris or excess mucus from the nasal cavity.

Continuing, Dr. Cruz provides information on studies that have observed breathing. Breathing rate was documented over decades, and surprisingly we have, overall, increased breathing rates. And unfortunately, this increase may be a key link to increases in inflammatory diseases. The doctor discusses exercises and specifically touches on facial exercises, which could decrease sagging, and other detrimental effects of aging. And Dr. Cruz provides detailed information on snoring and breathing issues, and how medicine practitioners are now paying more attention to airway issues perhaps than before.

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In this podcast:

  • What causes snoring?
  • What happens when nasal breathing is diminished?
  • How can we improve airway problems?

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