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In addition to being an author, serial entrepreneur, time management expert, and co-host of the Get-It-Done Guy podcast, Stever Robbins played a critical role in the development and implementation of the internet. Robbins joins the podcast today to share his insight and knowledge on several issues centering on the internet—how it came about, what it’s become, and where it’s going.

He discusses the good and the bad and the strengths and weaknesses of the internet but expounds on the way it’s affecting society as well as people on an individual level. “The internet acts as a tremendous amplifier…if something makes it onto the top 10 list…once it’s on the top 10 list…you have audiences in the sizes of millions or billions…the problem is, just because something’s on that list doesn’t mean it’s worth focusing on…” says Robbins. He continues to explain how this can lead to irresponsible social behavior, an emphasis on emotional reactivity, a decrease in our ability to focus, an increase in the prevalence of censorship, the manipulation of our biases, and a disconnection from our own creativity and ability to focus on our goals.

Robbins provides an in-depth and eye-opening examination of something that’s so commonplace in the modern world that many of us don’t even see it anymore. Press play to hear the full conversation. Learn more about Robbins’ work at

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