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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Diana Jabour describes the “building biology” of our homes. She explains:

  • How bodily health connects to our building choices, from light bulbs to hard-wiring versus wireless systems.
  • How electromotive forces, or EMF pollution, and electromagnetic radiation dangers affect the quality of our sleep and anxiety levels.
  • What are some solutions, from quick and easy devices like foil screens to better design choices from the ground up.
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Diana Jabour, Environmental and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist and owner of Jabour Environmental, believes we can be CEOs of our health. Her mother modeled research-driven selections alongside common sense for healthy choices in food and materials, and Jabour continues practicing what she learned from this inspiring figure.

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When she noticed her own family experiencing troubling symptoms after moving into a new home, she began researching. She then attended the Building Biology Institute in Santa Fe and Jabour added to her already solid understanding of EMF pollution and electromagnetic radiation dangers.

She discusses the ways our homes handle the four elements of building biology: air quality, water quality, lighting quality, and electromagnetic fields. 

Jabour offers the good news that we can control our space and she explains how, from techniques to ensure we are sleeping in electric fields that are close to nature to understanding why “anything that says ‘smart’ is stupid,” and how we can better protect ourselves from EMF pollution and electromagnetic radiation dangers. Finally, she describes how she does a walk-through for her clients and types of solutions she typically recommends.

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For more about these issues, see her company’s web site at;

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