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Chris Weilemann, CTO of CloudSight (cloudsight.

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ai), provides a detailed overview of CloudSight’s visual cognition and understanding API (application programming interface). CloudSight is a tech company based in Los Angeles that specializes in continuous real-time hybrid intelligence for visual understanding. They seek to create tailored solutions to a host of challenging problems by bringing together human and machine intelligence. They have developed image recognition API that provides actual understanding for digital media. Essentially, it’s a means for processing media to deliver a visual understanding of that media.

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Weilemann discusses how their API goes beyond traditional classification and machine vision, as their analysis is many times what normal methods could produce, a fine-grain detail analysis of what is actually going on in imagery. And the uses for CloudSight’s tech are varied, from catalog discovery and product discovery to fully understand an inventory, to digital media management to better grasp and understand the content of a large volume of media.

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The data expert explains how their system works, utilizing several microservices of AIs that work independently to gather data and learn from their own failures as they go, and by leveraging hybrid intelligence. Thus the combination of machine learning and human being input maximizes the end results in a successful manner. In any industry, from clothing and fashion to sports, to manufacturing, CloudSight’s team can build custom models to provide the data analysis needed to improve productivity overall. Analysis and tags are actually becoming so specific and full of detail that the results from CloudSight’s image recognition AI are mind-boggling and impressive.

As their technology pushes forward, Weilemann expects to see new advances in speed regarding the microservices and how the API handles data and operates, and advances in what could be possible with the new technology. And he expects more detailed work to be viable with computer vision as the embedded technology increases at lightning speed in our tech-forward world.

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