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In this episode, we discuss fragmented focus, ADD, and how decreased attention impacts young learners in a technological world. We learn about this intriguing topic from a teacher on the front lines of this issue: John Kish. John is a teacher at St. Benedict’s Classical Academy, where he uses classical education to solve the deep cultural issues of our times.

John believes that teaching is an art rather than a science. By developing strong relationships with his students, he is eager to share his ardent love for the True, Good, and Beautiful with the next generation.

Is technology standing in the way of increased focus and productivity in the classroom? John thinks so, and he’s here to share his unique solutions to this unprecedented problem…

Jump in now to discover:

  • How philosophical methods are applied to teaching.
  • The #1 factor that explains the regression of attention in young learners.
  • The duty of parents and teachers when it comes to the advancement of technology.
  • How to increase your attention and get the most out of life.

To find out more about John and his work, click here now!

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