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Toby Simpson, co-founder, and CTO of Fetch ( delivers an informative, detailed overview of the future of data in the digital world, and how artificial intelligence is pushing innovation forward in a collaborative way. Simpson brings over 30 years experience in software development with ten as CTO across three companies to Fetch’s management team. He is a seasoned software developer and manager and has developed and built multiple highly successful computer games for various platforms. Simpson was an original developer at the established AI company, DeepMind, that was notably acquired by Google in 2014. And as the CTO of Ososim, he developed and designed a simulation engine capable of delivering collaborative learning experiences for the corporate market. At Fetch, Simpson utilizes his knowledge of software complexity and decentralized problem solving to design the next generation of advanced economic software agents as well as the environments in which they exist and prosper. Pairing digital intelligence with cryptoeconomics, Simpson seeks to build a more balanced and efficient future economy for everyone to contribute to.

Simpson discusses his passion for virtual environments, advanced machine learning, and AI, as he recounts memories from his early background that stimulated the birth of Fetch. He explains the concept of autonomous economic agents, which are adaptive, independent programs that can work for the individual, for an entity, or themselves for any reason they’re tasked. Fetch is a distributed network that is made up of nodes that essentially act as a service and directory for these autonomous economic agents. Fetch is the world’s first truly intelligent ledger as it allows data to act autonomously. Via machine learning and AI technology, the Fetch platform can enable data to work in a cooperative manner and thus solve problems immediately and deliver results to the user.

The data expert describes how Fetch is a decentralized digital world in which all useful and pertinent economic activity takes place. The digital entities (autonomous economic agents) can freely transact and coordinate tasks independently of human intervention and can thus represent themselves, individuals, or devices and services.

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He expounds upon the particular elements of the Fetch platform, such as the open economic framework. As Simpson explains, the digital world in which agents live is called the open economic framework. He describes this world as the ultimate value exchange dating agency of sorts in which each agent sees a space-optimized in real-time solely for them. And Simpson states that the open economic framework is their gateway to the digital world; it provides the senses for the agents, offering them the opportunity to see, explore, transact, and receive other information about what is going on in its digital world. Further, Simpson elaborates on the platform’s smart ledger, which is a next-generation type of learning ledger that can provide a collective intelligence to support agents’ individual intelligences, such as market intelligence, etc.

Simpson outlines some of the specific areas of industry in which the Fetch platform can offer incredible support and assistance, such as transportation, supply chain management, and hospitality. He discusses their corporate partnerships and the future expectations for Fetch.

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Simpson provides details on their successful private testnet that is currently working with over 100 nodes, that they are using to build real applications.

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And Simpson discusses their use cases and his future expectations for economic opportunities to exchange value. Additionally, Simpson enthusiastically details their market and how the Fetch platform can facilitate many individuals, entities, and businesses globally.

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