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Shmuli Goldberg, VP of marketing at LawGeex (, delivers a complete analysis of the inherent problems of the contract review and approval process that businesses contend with daily, and how artificial intelligence is making the work easier via automation. Goldberg has abundant experience in the areas of legal operations, analytics, and optimization with the special focus on helping legal teams reach their maximum potential. He served as senior technology evangelist at ClickTale, as well as director of marketing at Feedvisor. Goldberg is a regular guest and speaker at varied industry conferences across the globe.

Goldberg’s team at LawGeex works on advanced contract solutions for business. LawGeex offers award-winning software that automates the process of review and approval for everyday contracts. With a specialty in transformation of legal operations, LawGeex implements artificial intelligence solutions to aid legal teams with automation, thus facilitating in-house legal work, making it easier, more efficient and impactful—automation that enables their customers to focus on their overall mission and goals with less time needed for paperwork. Industry leaders acknowledge that inefficiency costs time, wastes money, and it lowers employee morale.

Goldberg discusses the many problems that are specific to contract review and approval, and how LawGeex employs the most advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, and text analysis to assist with the review, comprehension, and ultimately approval or disapproval of a legal contract. He discusses the LawGeex platform and how it assists users to analyze their contracts’ contents and thoroughly compare to their legal team’s predefined criteria and input, or to their industry’s accepted benchmarks. By giving experienced lawyers the opportunity to focus on more complex work, and removing the grunt work from their day, attorneys can have more productive, satisfying days.

Goldberg states that it is inevitable that artificial intelligence will have a standing legal position going forward. He states that the use of technologies will become an accepted standard and future cases will set precedent as those who do not use basic available technology for important tasks such as diagnosis in the medical field, etc. could possibly be found to be negligent when problems arise. And Goldberg elaborates on how most bar requirements insist that attorneys utilize the latest technology in their legal work.

Goldberg explains the specificity of their platform and how users can detail a long list of things they would like to see in a contract as well as things they do not want to see in a contract, and how the LawGeex AI-enabled software will deliver the results they seek.

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The legal AI expert discusses the future of contracts and legal claims.

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And he explains how AI and human work will coexist almost always, as deviations within software will typically require human interaction.

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As Goldberg explains most automated tasks go forward swimmingly, but in the event, there is a problem, humans decide the best course of action.

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