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Why are injections still the most prevalent delivery method of vaccination?

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Well, through the development of nasal delivery and other methods, it might soon be phased out. Listen up to learn:

  • What causes injection site sarcoma in cats
  • The only currently available nasal vaccine
  • The risk of vaccine shedding

Biao He, the Fred C. Davison Distinguished University Chair In Veterinary Medicine, discusses the possible development of an alternative delivery method of vaccination.

Aside from the sometimes significantly harmful effects of injection-based vaccination in our pets, many folks are still needle-averse. So, this begs the question: why are there no alternative options when seeking the protection offered by vaccines?

Carrying the payload of the material responsible for protecting the immune system is the primary goal of vaccination.

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However, the question of shedding remains, leaving the viability of different delivery methods up in the air.

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