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Is vaccine hesitancy warranted? Through the NICE (National Informed Consent Exemption) Act, more people may have the right to act on this hesitancy.

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Listen up to learn:

  • The statistical effects of the vaccine on an individual’s health
  • The vaccines’ relationship with chronic health conditions
  • How big pharma distributes vaccines

Greg Glaser, a health freedom lawyer in California, shares information on the NICE Act and his fight for society’s right to choose when it comes to decisions about their health autonomy.

Vaccines may cause much more harm than good, dividing the nation and possibly leading to a decline in the health of those that get them. From clotting to chronic diseases, it is essential to be informed before making a decision regarding your health.

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The right to choose when it comes to choices about your own body is essential.

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To protect this freedom, the proposed NICE Act takes aim at vaccine mandates, allowing those who are concerned about their safety to choose for themselves.

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