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Can snake venom be used in medicine for humans?

This seems like a trick question, but in fact, researchers are developing medicines that utilize different properties of snake venom that are actually beneficial to human beings.

Jacob Galan is an assistant professor at the National Natural Toxins Research Center in The Department of Chemistry Texas A&M. He joins us on this podcast to discuss his research in venom toxinology, and his focus on obtaining snake venom in order to develop antivenoms and other biomedical products.

Listen now to learn about:

  • The toxicity and lethality of snake venom, and how it can be utilized in medicine.
  • How antivenom is obtained and used.
  • Commonalities and differences of snake venoms around the world.
  • The hypotheses Jacob Galan is currently testing in his lab.

Discover all of this and more by diving into this episode examining the thrilling subject of snake venom!

To find out more about Jacob Galan and his research, you can visit

Episode also available on Apple Podcast:

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