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Matt Herrick – Co-founder at Deedcoin joins host Juliet Lemar on Future Tech Podcast.

Deedcoin brings blockchain to the real estate sector in a way in which everyone can benefit. By providing an option for agents and customers to be on the same network, Deedcoin streamlines the real estate industry and reduces costs. Deedcoin is the first token to apply to the entire real estate industry, not just investment real estate portfolios or a specific product for agents. Deedcoin is not just useful for property investors, it is for anyone that owns or plans to own a home.

The Deedcoin token uses blockchain to create a true free market system to redefine the real estate industry. Through the creation of the DEED token, which replaces commission at a ratio of 10 DEED to 1% of a properties price. Simply think of Deedcoin in tens, each ten Deedcoin are used for 1% of a property total cost, regardless of the property price, because DEED functions as a percentage. Deedcoin removes the centralized control of the real estate industry from large powers such as the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and mega-brokerages along with their antiquated 6% commissions.

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Initially sold at $1.50 per Deedcoin at the ICO (Initial Coin Offering), each token saves a holder $225 on the average U.S. home ($225,000). Each Deedcoin can save exponentially more on higher value properties.

The real value of Deedcoin is the ability to save users 80% or more on real estate commission when they buy or sell property. Unlike the vast majority of ICOs, Deedcoin is already a useable platform.

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The Deedcoin network is now partnered with brokerages in over 163 cities across all 50 U.S. states. This network makes Deedcoin useable to reduce commissions on a national level before wide scale public token distribution has even begun.

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