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Feeling overwhelmed by all the “stuff” in your life, business, or living space? Struggling to focus, stay on task, or simply find things when you need them?

Today we speak with an organization expert who has the solutions: Andrew Mellen. As Founder and CEO of Andrew Mellen, Inc. and author of Calling Bullsh*t on Busy: A Practical Guide to Ditching the Time Management Myth and Quickly Achieving Your Goals and Unstuff Your Life!, he’s helped hundreds of thousands of people and businesses reclaim time and peace of mind through various programs designed to eliminate the messiness of modern life.

Press play to learn:

  • The emotional challenges of decluttering your life and how to overcome them
  • The three rules of the “organizational triangle”
  • The average adult tells 200 lies a day: how is this true, and how does it affect people’s lives?
  • The difference between being a minimalist and decluttering/organizing
  • The eight deadly time thieves in the B2B world

Mellen explains the process people tend to go through as they change their organizational habits and retrain their minds and behaviors to sustain them. His approach is centered around how people think, feel, and interact with their “stuff.” He details how he coaches people and the type of people he’s helped – including those with hoarding tendencies and a desire to be extreme minimalists.

As his business continues to grow, Mellen aims to reach more people more quickly… do you want to be one of them?

If you’re ready to start feeling more organized and efficient in all areas of life, visit Andrew Mellen Professional Organizer NYC | Speaker | Productivity + Decluttering Expert.

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