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David Getoff is a naturopath and nutritionist who is a renowned traditional naturopathic doctor, nutritionist, and author.

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He has spoken at a number of scientific medical, nutritional, and organic agriculture conferences and currently works with clients helping them address lifestyle illnesses and regain their health using holistic and nutritional methods.

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Click on play to learn:

  • How poor diet leads to many of the major diseases.
  • What protocols may prevent and treat cancer.
  • What common household products cause cancer.

Mr. Getoff is a highly qualified and popular speaker on preventing and holistically treating health issues such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. He is a Board-Certified Naturopath, a Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist, a Fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine, and elected member of the American College of Nutrition and the International College of Integrative Medicine.

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He currently serves as the Vice-President of the Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation.

Over the years, David has developed and produced more than a dozen educational holistic health DVDs on topics such as cancer, diabetes, detoxification, and heart disease. He specializes in helping people reduce the consequences of lifestyle-related illnesses by eliminating the causes of these diseases using nutrition, detoxing, destressing, epigenetics regulation in cancer, and other diseases.

Mr. Getoff advises clients from across the United States and around the world in his home office in California. He educates, guides, and recommends various dietary and lifestyle changes, and supplements that are specific to the issues of each client to strengthen the immune system and promote cancer prevention. The foundation of his work is sharing the benefits of a healthy diet, using non-toxic products in the home, limiting exposure to electrical fields, and the advantages of supplements to provide liver support and kidney support.

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