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Sarah James co-founded Jacaranda Hill Farm, an award-winning, off-grid, self-sustaining farm one hour from Perth in Western Australia. Mrs. James juggles her career in technology and engineering consultancy while helping her Husband Robert run a permaculture farm that uses agriculture technology and renewable resources and services. The farm is open to campers, which provides an opportunity to share permaculture and Holistic farming concepts.

Click on play to learn:

  • How technology and nature work together on 108 acres.
  • Why partnerships with neighbors and local businesses are essential to the growth of Jacaranda Hill Farm.
  • What future upgrades are in the works for the farm.

Nestled on just over one hundred acres outside of Perth, Jacaranda Hill Farm is a work in progress. Sarah and her husband value the importance of using technology in agriculture and are firm believers in the benefits of regenerative farming. They are in the process of transforming their land into a completely sustainable farm without using pesticides through partnerships with neighbors, local businesses, and technology.

Running a self-sufficient farm requires the essential elements: electricity, water, and sustenance. The James family has an ambitious approach to becoming self-sufficient by irrigating their crops using the three dams on the farm and exchanging resources with neighbors and visitors. Noteworthy accomplishments include the recent installation of a lithium-ion battery system, establishing 20 beehives on the farm, and raising ducks and chickens.

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You can read more in Sarah’s book.

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Jacaranda Hill Farm is part of a growing community of like-minded people who provide opportunities to others to get out into the wide-open spaces and enjoy all nature has to offer.

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Currently, the farm is open to campers through Hipcamp, and Sarah James and Robert Cass hope to add two glamping tents in the future and more technology and livestock.

To learn more visit:

Facebook: Jacaranda Hill Farm

Twitter: @JacarandaHill

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