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What secrets about the world do various species of fungi hold? By using time-lapse technology, a never before available peek into the life of mushrooms can be seen.

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Listen up to learn:

  • How mushrooms can be used worldwide
  • The techniques used to best capture the details of mushrooms
  • The problems faced when trying to find fungi

Nature photographer Stephen Axford joins the podcast to discuss his work photographing fungi and using time-lapse techniques to explore mycology’s more deeply detailed world.

Mushrooms are often overlooked in their awe-inspiring beauty and complex communication networks.

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Yet, by examining their development and taking the time to view them, new insights can be gained, and a glimpse into their extended set of uses can be broken down.

Mushrooms are the masters of symbiosis, and therefore can be a gateway to view many fantastic relationships and organisms with fungi as a part of their everyday existence.

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Moreover, since there are estimated to be around six million varieties of mushrooms, they have the potential to fascinate researchers for decades to come.

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