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What governs the shape of organs and tissues in the human body and beyond.

Research is being carried out to determine coordinating factors within the body.

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Group leader at MRC Laboratory of Molecular Cell Biology at University College London, Yanlan Mao, shares their research into the formation and growth orientation of organisms.

Cell proliferation determines how organisms grow and divide, and the rate of proliferation can lead to the formation of specific shapes or disorders as development continues. If cells have traits that can orient the direction of the division, shapes can morph from spherical to oblong, and finally into recognizable figures.

Fruit flies are invaluable resources in discovering genetic predispositions in cell growth, showing predictable growth for research purposes, and modifiable traits to test independently. By slightly changing characteristics in specific tissue cells, tension can be altered, and regrowth traits in cells can be sped up.

To learn more, search for the name Yanlan Mao on your preferred engine.

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