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CureCoin is a CryptoCurrency based around Folding@Home that lets owners of both ASIC and GPU/CPU hardware to earn cure coins as a reward for mining (mining meaning giving computer time and capacity to helping reveal the structure of complicated biological proteins) CureCoin places ASICs to work at what they are good at, safeguarding a blockchain, while it puts GPUs and CPUs to work with work items that can only be done on them (protein folding).

Joshua Smith, the founder along with Ivan and Alex, talks about the few cryptocurrencies that can be mined efficinetly using a CPU or GPU, vs.

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ASIC mining (the only possibly way to even consider mining Bitcoin). CureCoin can be earned with both GPUs or CPUs to fold proteins, earning a substantial amount of coins set-aside for their charities.

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The best of both worlds? Mine cryptocurrency while helping to battle Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, preventing viruses, and design next-level pharmaceuticals? That’s what cure coin is about.

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