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“That’s the real sweet spot of what Dan has done…he invented the real-time blockchain, and that means transactions happen as fast as you can spin a slot machine,” says Stan Larimer, referencing his son, Dan Larimer. As CEO of Cryptonomex, Stan Larimer sustains the technology that his son creates. And it’s true: instead of taking hours-or in some cases even days- tens of thousands of blockchain-based transactions can now take place every second.. Cryptonomex began with the purpose of creating BitShares, which in and of itself is an idea that’s just four years old.

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Since its creation, it has become a “complete digital currency exchange and SmartCoin factory,” says Stan Larimer.

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But that’s not all that has evolved from Cryptonomex…Click play to learn more.

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Larimer also discusses:

  • Steemit: what is it, how it was conceived, and how it evolved from BitShares
  • “Bitcoin millionaires” and the “billion-dollar campaign”
  • The factors and mechanisms that allow for faster transactions, including the elimination of mining, and the optimization of computations


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