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“Precancerous events are happening in everyone’s body every day,” says Sandy Bevacqua, explaining the importance of “fine-tuning” the immune system in order to promote tumor regression naturally, the way it was designed to happen.

This is just one aspect of her approach to cancer.

Tune in to discover:

  • How cancer crosses barriers in the body during metastasis
  • Why many people overcome one type of cancer only to develop another down the road (and what to do about it)
  • The importance of undergoing testing to determine what a tumor is and isn’t sensitive to
  • How to detox from chemotherapy

Returning guest, Sandy Bevacqua, has a PhD in molecular and cellular biology, conducted scientific research in both university and government settings, and lectured around the world for decades. Her work has revolved primarily around melanoma due to its capacity for metastasis.

Today, she discusses how cancer spreads throughout the body, what a cancer cell needs in order to thrive as opposed to what a normal cell needs, the abundance of toxins in the environment and how they are contributing to the development of cancer, and how, as a biochemist, she joins forces with healthcare practitioners to help treat those with a cancer diagnosis—in the most natural way possible.

“Anybody that’s getting well from cancer is hitting it over the head from 20 different directions. We never, ever do just one treatment, because cancer is smart; it has figured out how to change its genetic expression and continues to do so…such that it gets around whatever you’re treating it with,” says Bevacqua.

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