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Medtech Impact on Wellness

As AI continues to develop, scientists are figuring out new and improved ways to use it in the medical field. When it comes to widespread diseases such as cancer, could AI be the tool we’ve been looking for to develop cutting-edge functional treatment? 

Thomas Fuchs, a scientist in the groundbreaking field of Computational Pathology, sits down to enlighten us on this intriguing subject…

Working with The Mount Sinai Health System, Thomas is interested in building AI models that can enhance cancer care and research. By looking at molecular differences in cancer cells, he believes that this will help predict the right treatment for patients. 

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In this podcast, you will learn about:

  • The specific technology used to model images of cancer cells. 
  • How it takes for sequencing results to come back to determine the status of cancer in patients.
  • How AI is being used to improve different medical applications. 

So, how does AI analyze and model diseases in the human body? Join the conversation to find out for yourself!

To discover more about Thomas and his research, click here now!

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