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Are we alone in the universe? Society’s popular view on the possibility of life existing on other planets has completely reversed over the past few decades, but is there any real evidence of extraterrestrial life out there? Paul Davies, author of the upcoming book What’s Eating the Universe and Other Cosmic Mysteries along with 30 other titles, shares his exciting research.

Tune in to discover:

  • The role of Mars in interplanetary exploration
  • What the nature of time and space means for the likelihood of life beyond Earth
  • The way physics in cancer treatment could change modern medicine’s approach to the disease

Paul is a professor at Arizona State University and a theoretical cosmologist. As Director of the BEYOND: Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science, the Center for the Convergence of Physical Sciences and Cancer Biology, and Co-Director of the ASU Cosmology Initiative, his work in the field of cosmology physics is expansive.

From cancer treatment to alien life forms and black holes facts, the study of physics reigns supreme. In combination with Immunotherapy and Information Theory, physics could be the missing element in modern cancer research and treatment development. What if it were possible to develop a treatment for cancer that prevented spread and provided a route to healthy management of the disease?

Emerging science suggests that a future in which cancer can managed as part of a happy, healthy lifestyle, the same way Diabetes can, could be right around the corner.

Professor Davies, along with his colleagues and students, leads the way in changing the world through dedication to the development and advancement of science.

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