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What if it were possible to use the science behind evolution and cancer to develop highly personalized cancer medications capable of targeting cancerous tissue while leaving healthy tissue unaffected? Steve Gullans, former Chief Executive Officer of Gemphire Therapeutics and co-author of Evolving Ourselves: Redesigning the Future of Humanity- One Gene at a Time, tells us that not only is it possible, it is happening right now.

Tune in to learn:

  • How cancer treatments have evolved over the past several decades
  • The way modern cancer medications can attack tumors without damaging healthy tissue
  • The role of cancer evolution in the development of new immune system-based cancer treatments

Steve, a one-time Harvard Scientist, now uses his knowledge of both cancer evolution and immune system science to advise biotech companies on the medical science needed to advance cancer therapy treatment options from toxic to targeted. One major roadblock to these new immune therapy cancer drugs is the high price of manufacturing them and distributing them to pharmacies and cancer patients.

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The living cells that are required to create effective anti-bodies are difficult to transport and to store and require constant below-freezing temperatures to survive.

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Once the manufacturing, storage, and use of these technologies is finally scaled to a mainstream level, will they go on to be used to treat other devastating medical conditions in addition to cancer?

Cancer and evolutionary biology must go hand in hand in order to make a real impact on standard treatments and survival rates. Over the past two years, 50 new cancer drugs have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Steve expects to see that number reach 100 per year within the next decade and shares how these rapid advances tie in with the current worldwide pandemic and the controversial COVID-19 vaccine.

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