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“My knowledge outpaced the proliferation of the cancer,” says Dr.

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Nasha Winters. After numerous, debilitating health challenges including an ovarian cancer diagnoses at nineteen, she collected information from around the world for healing methods beyond Western medicine.

A doctor and cancer survivor, she tells her story, sharing

  • How she faced a dire ovarian cancer diagnosis at a young age,
  • Why her early cancer symptoms were hidden within other health issues like celiac disease,
  • What imaging alternatives she’s discovered that don’t involve kidney-damaging dyes, and
  • How her diet and self-treatment methods evolved over time and solidified into a healthful therapeutic diet and approach that she shares with patients.

Physician and author Nasha Winters has faced a twenty-seven year journey alongside cancer. She calls it the “classic pain-to-purpose story,” and it begins with her teen years, when she suffered from numerous debilitating conditions, including polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, and undiagnosed ovarian cancer. Everything hit a breaking point and she found herself in the hospital with a substantial bowel blockage. As doctors began to uncover illness upon illness in a time without early cancer detection options, she was about to face several months with nausea and pain so severe she couldn’t eat.

But that’s when she began to walk multiple roads toward healing.

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It turns out that by fasting, she later learned that she was relieving some of the cytotoxic burden. Through various experiences over the following years such as world travel and medical school, she accrued a wealth of avenues to answer not if can cancer be cured, but how can one live with cancer and change the narrative.

She shares details of her story and amazing ways she’s helped her patients, describing innovative imaging like Prenuvo that leaves out the damaging dyes.

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Her journey included a new understanding of childhood trauma and illness. She comments, “you cannot heal from the soil in which you got sick unless you pluck out all those weeds.” She now trains other physicians around the world to approach cancer treatment in these fundamentally new ways. Listen in to hear about her new book and her amazing experiences.

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