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In this episode, Ken McCarthy joins once again to discuss an intriguing topic that carries significant controversy: John F. Kennedy’s worldview and assassination. As the author of John F. Kennedy Anti-Imperialist: His Character and Intentions Revealed in Five Speeches and One Telegram, Ken is on a mission to shed light on the importance of Kennedy’s fundamental but strangely overlooked point of view… 

Jump in to discover: 

  • Where the term “conspiracy theory” came from. 
  • How and if Robert F. Kennedy can win the 2024 presidential election.
  • What inspired Ken to write his latest book. 
  • An overview of Kennedy’s perspective on international affairs. 
  • How thuggery operates at a large scale. 

Ken has devoted much of his life to exposing mass corruption that the mainstream media hides – and his work only continues to evolve. Are you ready to uncover the truth with one of the country’s most impactful activists, educators, entrepreneurs, and Internet commercialization pioneers? Join the conversation now!

To find out more about Ken and his important work, click here!

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