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What are molten salt reactors, and how are they transforming the nuclear industry? In this episode, we delve into the latest developments of atomic energy with Dr. Matthew Memmott, an associate professor in the chemical engineering department at Brigham Young University.

Dr. Memmott’s research focuses on advanced nuclear reactor design, nuclear safety, and system modeling. Currently, he is honing in on molten salt micro-reactor technology – with an emphasis on fission products and transuranic bearing molten salts. Dr. Memmott also teaches fluid mechanics and introductory nuclear engineering at BYU.

Join us now to find out:

  • What molten salts are, and how they are revolutionizing nuclear energy.
  • How nuclear meltdowns happen, and ways to prevent them. 
  • The difference between traditional reactors and molten salt reactors.
  • The unique advantages of molten salt reactors.  

You can learn more about Dr. Matthew Memmott and his work here!

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