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How can our current systems of government be updated to reflect modern needs? Through citizen assemblies and a more accessible format, there may be a more significant opportunity for change. Press play to learn:

  • The function of a stratified sample
  • Issues in which a citizen council has made a difference in policy
  • Examples of when such strategies have been implemented

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Dr. Peter Stone, an Associate Professor of Political Science at Trinity College, Dublin, shares his work on how ancient practices can revolutionize modern politics.

Political change and how companies or corporations can be run have long been left up to a very small group of people.

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However, if we can accept a change in thinking, the true benefits of democracy can be realized.

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A fresh perspective can be brought into leadership by selecting positions of power through a stratified random selection. Even if this is not implemented for direct decisions, citizens’ input can offer helpful reality checks to even established decision-making procedures.

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