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When Aimee Tariq was just a teenager, she began developing serious, debilitating symptoms—symptoms that led her to dial 911 and end up in the hospital with a heart rate of over 200 beats per minute. She couldn’t hold down a conversation or even brush her own teeth, and no one could tell her what was wrong. With multiple diagnoses, none of which seemed to address her ailments, and no treatments or medications that were alleviating her symptoms, Tariq found herself at a total loss.

But it was at her lowest point that she realized she had two options: get healthy or die trying.

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From that point forward, she stopped searching for answers within the U.

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S. medical system and began carrying out her own research on toxic chemical exposure in daily life, food allergies and sensitivities, hormones and vitamins, and the importance of spinal alignment. Eventually, Tariq rediscovered herself—her healthy self, the one who was athletic and could enjoy all aspects of life unimpeded by poor health.

In today’s episode, she discusses the details of her journey and everything she has learned over the years, touching on a few aspects of her Amazon best-seller A Life with Health.

Tune in for an inspiring conversation and to learn what Tariq has going on in the works. Learn more about her by visiting

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