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Currently, most merchants don’t accept payments in cryptocurrency, and those that do typically only accept one or two coins. CoinPayments allows merchants to easily accept payments in over 115 different cryptocurrencies. Through the platform, merchants are not only able to choose which coins they want to accept but can decide which coins they want to keep, and which coins they want to have automatically converted.

CoinPayments offers both a hot wallet and cold storage, in order to encourage users to keep their money in crypto.

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For this reason, CoinPayments doesn’t have any built-in way to convert crypto to fiat–however, if this is necessary, the CoinPayments wallet can be integrated with the CoinBase API to allow cryptocurrencies to be converted to fiat.

The top 60 coins remain the same every month, while some of the lowest performings are changed out every month.

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New coins can be suggested and added through community votes, or coins can pay high fees to be allowed access to the network on a test basis. Andrew and Alex also discuss what they see as the future of digital payments through the next 1-5 years, including their thoughts on the creation of new coins.

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