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Can polar ice sheets be used as an indicator for climate health? By monitoring shifts and melting, metrics of change can be recorded to aid researchers.

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Press play to learn:

  • How the sheets shift and change over time
  • What lies below the ice in the poles
  • What can generally be seen as the seasons change each year

Dr. Xavier Fettweis, a Research Associate – Chercheur qualifié (FNRS), shares his current research on the formation and movement of ice sheets, mainly in Greenland and Antarctica.

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The ice caps and sheets melting have been used as rhetoric for many angles of the climate change debate for decades, but the reality of the situation can be surprising. By measuring the ice sheets over time, we can track trends and other environmental factors worldwide through only a few points of contact.

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What we see with the melting and shifts of ice sheets can be intimidating when looking to the future. If a specific tipping point is reached in the next century, it may be impossible to reform any ice sheets in the future.

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