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How can early-onset Alzheimer’s detection play a part in treatment as the disease progresses.

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Early detection may hold a key in finding new and more effective treatments for Alzheimer’s.

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Press play to find:

  • How independence can be maintained for as long as possible
  • The future of how Alzheimer’s disease 
  • The red flags to watch out for in the onset of dementia

Lucas Driskell, an Assistant Professor at Yale School of Medicine, stops by to share their insight into neurodegenerative diseases and rehabilitation psychology.

By focusing on treatment or therapeutic techniques for early-onset neurodegenerative diseases, the threshold for detection may lower. By detecting the disease early and using medication from the onset, there is a much higher chance of making Alzheimer’s a disease that can be lived with.

Many factors can bring on many cognitive difficulties, and there is no “magic bullet” to treat neurodegenerative diseases across the board.

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However, effective techniques can help stave off onset or help delay the effects of the disease.

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