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When you think of what addiction recovery looks like, you probably don’t envision the consumption of psychedelic drugs. On today’s episode, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Johns Hopkins and author of 47 articles on psychedelic drugs, Matthew Johnson, PhD, explains why and how psychedelic therapy might have a place in addiction recovery after all.

His area of expertise lies in understanding the ways in which psychedelic drugs can serve as behavior change agents. This idea is consistent with neuroscience research findings, countless anecdotal stories, and ceremonial use of psychedelic substances in a variety of indigenous cultures. Intrigued by the idea?

Tune in to hear all the details and learn more, including:

  • How Dr. Johnson characterizes the commonality between people who benefit from the use of psychedelics (and it’s not about religion or spirituality)
  • How psychedelic drug use could help those who suffer from addiction to cocaine, alcohol, or tobacco, as well as cancer-related depression, anorexia, and PTSD
  • When psilocybin pills could become an FDA-approved option for clinical treatment of a variety of disorders

Tune in to hear the full discussion.

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