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What makes glyphosate so dangerous? Unfortunately, due to its widespread use and prevalence in products we consume every day, it can be hard to avoid harmful effects.

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  • The percentage of honey that glyphosate can be found in
  • What can be damaged by glyphosate
  • How supplementing certain products can break down or remove glyphosate

Dr. Bill McGraw, the Author of Mercury: The Ultimate Truth and Chronic Disease, shares his experience and research into the terrifying world of glyphosate.

Many of us are familiar with the brand name weed killer that glyphosate is known for, but do we genuinely understand its harm? Since it causes so many issues throughout our body, it has become a massive problem when attempting to avoid its inclusion in products that we regularly eat or wear.

Unfortunately, while one of the best ways to avoid glyphosate is going organic in every area we are able, it can still appear in some organic products. However, solutions are available to remove and break down glyphosate, and Dr. McGraw shares his wisdom surrounding these remedies.

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