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Here to chat with us about responsible government and democracy is Peter MacLeod. Peter is the founder and principal of MASS LBP, an organization based in Toronto, Canada that seeks to improve the relationship between citizens and their government. They do this by bringing people together to have constructive democratic conversations in order to make governmental decisions.

If you’re living in a democracy but feel like things aren’t quite right, you’re not alone. Peter and MASS aim to change this by refining democracy to what it is meant to be: citizen-centered.

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Join us now to learn about:

  • How MASS is fixing the broken mechanisms of government.
  • Why public authorities need good public input.
  • The importance of extending the “privilege of representation”.
  • Why we must come up with democratic ideas that work on a societal scale.

To learn more about Peter Macleod and his work with MASS, visit now!

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