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Real estate startup, Crypto Real Estate AG, is launching a new token, SwissRealCoin (SRC), and is hoping to disrupt the real estate market with the use of blockchain technology.
Their goals are tri-fold. They aim to make property management transparent and efficient by using the blockchain to make secure, quick and ledgered payments.

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Additional uses will be to document ownership, the history and contact information of past and current tenants, etc. When stored on the blockchain they will forever remain unchanged.

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Third, Crypto Real Estate AG hopes to make real estate shares that can be traded simply by tokens. SRC will be traded uninterrupted and will have enough liquidity to avoid the instability that often plagues other tokens.

Adding additional stability, the Swiss real estate market is folded into one of the world’s most stable economies making it an ideal playing field for this kind of disruption.

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In this interview SwissRealCoin CEO and Head of Real Estate, Brigitte Luginbuhl, breaks down the methodology behind the token as we eagerly await the ICO launch date of May 23, 2018.

For more information, visit:


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