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It’s been reported that almost 45% of the US population suffers from one of four refractive errors in vision, the most common of which is called presbyopia, an age-related condition that decreases a person’s ability to focus on objects in front of them. To varying degrees, this problem affects every single person who is over the age of 35 and only progresses with time. Until now, this problem has remained entirely unaddressed by the scientific community.

Tridib Ghosh is the CEO, director, and co-founder of Sharp Eyes, a company that is creating programmable liquid lenses which have the ability to correct presbyopia by changing their curvature in direct accordance with an object that’s within the user’s gaze. The technology uses an eye tracking system that calculates the exact distance between an object and the user and changes shape accordingly in order to bring that object into complete focus for the user. The change occurs within a fraction of a second so that the user never feels like they’re losing eye power.

Furthermore, the lenses can be updated by programming new data as it relates to the progressive deterioration of the user’s vision over time.

As it turns out, these lenses will also address the other refractive errors in vision-myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

The team at Sharp Eyes is preparing to test their prototype on actual patients in order to see what further optimizations might be needed before launching the first-generation product.

Tune in for the details.

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