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How do our crop production systems work in tandem with plant pathology to form the best farming techniques? By focusing on disease control and sustainable farming techniques, better production techniques can be developed. Press play to learn:

  • Why crop rotation is vital in sustainable farming
  • How non-tillage techniques can benefit soil nutrients
  • What the future of farming may look like

Don M. Huber, a Professor Emeritus at Purdue University, shares his life of work and research on plant pathology and crop production techniques.

Farming at every level requires an understanding of techniques that allows food production to work in concert with nature to optimize the processes.

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While not all techniques are sustainable, crop rotation is one of the most prevalent and significantly beneficial techniques available to producers.

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Recognizing the dynamic between all aspects of production is vital since everything from pathogens to nutrition can drastically alter the efficacy of farming.

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Namely, the nutrition in the soil and available for future years is critical and can ensure a successful future.

To learn more, a great resource is a best-selling book: Mineral Nutrition and Plant Disease.

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