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Jeremy Born, founder, and CEO at CoinGenius ( delivers an informative overview of the current state of cryptocurrency intelligence and the developing tools that allow for a deeper understanding of the changing digital financial markets.

Born is a serious blockchain enthusiast and passionate digital strategist. He is an experienced professional in the technology space with a specific interest in leveraging AI and machine learning to solve complex business problems, as well as predicting outcomes of alternative assets such as bitcoin. Born’s experience before founding CoinGenius was in the various blockchain, cryptocurrency, and artificial intelligence companies such as YINC, which focuses on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology service providers, and JABB Interactive where he served as their executive director. During his tenure as senior managing consultant at Brandify Labs, Born furthered his work in branding and customer services as they relate to cognitive, artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, and blockchain.

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He holds an MBA from Pepperdine’s Graziadio Business School and received his BS in business administration and management from Chapman University.

Born discusses his background in trading and how he had passed crypto by for a while, but as he began to dig deeper he became extremely interested. Once he took the leap and fully invested his time, and later money, he found that the tools and information available was seriously insufficient and woefully inept. He wanted to apply all of his knowledge in AI and machine learning to his new passion to fully understand what was contributing to the volatility of the market in this exciting, burgeoning digital area. As he recounts, the market changes so quickly in this space that insufficient data and the need to research could cause someone to miss a great opportunity—the need was apparent: information needed to be aggregated, and new tools were a necessity.

The artificial intelligence and financial markets expert discusses the types of events that trigger volatility and market fluctuation, and he acknowledges that the market is still highly unregulated. Thus, access to the constantly incoming information is paramount.

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Born’s way was a new way of looking at data that allowed for smarter, quicker decisions to be made and thus CoinGenius was born to fill the void.

CoinGenius is an AI-powered cryptocurrency intelligence engine specifically built to empower traders with fast, real-time data needed to make intelligent investment decisions that can yield results. Born underscores that they do not make recommendations, but they do arm people with quality information. The platform allows for smarter trades and utilizes analysis, deep fraud detection, and real-time trade alerts. As Born’s company acknowledges, investing in cryptocurrency can be challenging but with the proper tools, the trading options are better.

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At the core of the market, every digital asset and coin is greatly impacted by, and produces, a large amount of internal and external signals. Having the proper tools can help to order the volume of information so traders can home in on what’s important.

Born gives an overview of where his team is in the process toward release of their platform and the steps they have already completed to make the full launch in early 2019. Born discusses that first they plan to do a mobile release, but other options will be coming. As many apps are on the way in this market, it can be overwhelming, but Born stresses that none of them are truly bringing everything together under one platform, that also covers multiple asset classes as CoinGenius does.

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