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You might already be familiar with the process of taking pictures of your work schedule each week, checking it repeatedly to make sure you don’t miss a shift, and tracking down all your coworkers’ phone numbers when you need coverage at the last minute. This is not only a hassle for hourly employees, but it’s an inefficient way of managing shifts in general and makes it more likely for a company to find itself unexpectedly understaffed. With nearly 60 percent of today’s workforce comprised of hourly workers and having worked as one himself, Himanshu Misra recognized a need for change; as a senior data scientist for Branch, that’s exactly what he’s trying to implement.

Branch is a mobile-first technology platform that allows hourly employees to easily and digitally access their schedules, be notified of changes to their schedules in real time, communicate with their coworkers, submit requests for time off at the tap of a button, and pick up shifts to expand their earning potential. At the same time, Branch is helping enterprise customers attract and retain the best hourly employees and providing them with a time-saving tool for efficient shift management. By developing demand prediction models based on historical and real-time data and machine learning algorithms, Branch customers can avoid all of the consequences of improper staffing and unsatisfied staff.

Branch already has customers in a variety of industries, including banking, hospitality, healthcare, retail, and travel, and are currently holding a number of pilots with new companies. Tune in for all the details, including what’s on the horizon for Branch.

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