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For the past 7 years, the Sea Steading Institute has been promoting human habitation at sea to explore new ways of sustainable living for humanity. In 2017 they began to work on how to build the first sea-stead, and created Blue Frontiers in order to help offer returns to their investors.

They have a partnership with French Polynesia to build and launch their first sea-stead, and hope to complete this within the next decade. After this is completed, they will be looking to expand their operations around the world. Their first sea-stead prototype will be a barge-like platform with several floors, will be made of specialized concrete, marine-grade stainless steel, and composite materials, and will house 200-300 people.

Because many people already live near the water, Blue Frontiers believes that these types of settlements will become necessary due to rising sea levels, and can offer people not only sustainable and comfortable living, but can offer the opportunity to explore new ways to govern themselves.

Due in part to the interest level by the general public, and the desire to balance the needs of the individuals and the community, an application process will be set up for interested individuals.

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